Thursday, February 23, 2006

Difficult day - happy memories

It was a tough day today emotionally. First, astonishment and then anger and disgust: learning about "Harry" stealing the blog site of lene's beautiful and creative blog, Leaning Birch; concern and caring for Cindy of Woodsong and her beloved shorthair pointer Phoebe's setback after her surgery - temporary, but still very worrying and wearing for Cindy; sympathy and condolences to Clare at The House & Other Arctic Musings who lost a good friend at way too early an age from a mysterious malady. Our own email brought news of another friend gone - a funloving, gentle and loving man who succumbed to a degenerative nerve disease. All in all, life seemed pretty unfair.

As I was going to bed, I looked up at my photo wall and saw two friends from the past. Tigger and Whispy were our first cats and our dear companions. Seeing them brought back sweet, sweet memories of how good life can be. They've been gone for over forty-five years, but we still recall with love and delight their adventures in our New York City loft

Tigger waiting to go up to the roof, Center Street loft, New York City, 1959

Whispy, Center Street Loft, New York City, 1959

and their wonderment as these city-bred cats explored the woods and countryside when we moved to southern Connecticut.

Tigger, Ridgefield, Connecticut 1960
(restored from an old, faded and very orange Ektachrome slide)

Whispy, Ridgefield, Connecticut 1960
(restored from an old, faded and very orange Ektachrome slide)

Tigger's favourite place, Ridgefield, Connecticut, 1960


T. Beth said...

That first photo of Tigger looks like a portrait from the back of a novel, and it makes Tigger look very serious and literary.

You did a good job with these old photos, they look like they were recently taken!

Pam in Tucson said...

Hi t. beth - Tigger was certainly the more intellectual of the two.

I'm always amazed at how much information the old faded orange Ektachrome slides still retain. There are many that I haven't been able to restore - but I convert those to grey levels and they still look quite good.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Pam-- these photos are so lovely. It is heartwarming to look back at those loved furry friends and recall them with such tenderness. I love the last photo so much. Both the cat and the man (your husband?) look so comfy. Your husband looks so much like someone I would have been friends with. Now, of course, I want to see your face even from way back in the 50s. There's much to see in those old photos.

Pam in Tucson said...

RD-After having read your histories, I think we would have all been friends. We had so much fun with the cats when we moved to Connecticut. They loved to go walking in the woods with us.

Gwyn said...

What sweet photos! I can still look at photos of our first cat with smiles and a bit of sadness, since after 19 years, she left us about 10 years ago.

Pam in Tucson said...

RD - They were the first in a long line of cats, dogs, gerbils and hamsters - all sweet and furry friends with charm and character, each in their own way. We loved them all.

Gwyn - How wonderful to have lived with a cat for 19 years. What a wonderful companion she must have been.

lené said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, Pam. Your photos of your cats definitely brightened my day too--the fact that you still hold them dear after 40+ years is beautiful. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

JLLove said...

Wonderful shots. The restoration is excellent. Amazing how our pets come to mean so much to us.
Cats are especially intriquing. I once knew a Sufi who claimed one of his teachers was a cat. Who knows?

Cindy said...

what beautiful companions you've shared.. and my sincere condolences on the loss of your friend. I find words so inadequate at times like this- just know that someone in Michigan cares and is keeping you in good thoughts.

Pam in Tucson said...

lene and cindy - Thanks so much for your kindness. It's always hard to lose friends, even when you know it's going to happen.

cindy - You've been in my thoughts all day. I hope you felt the powerful love that's been sent you from all around the world as you celebrated Natasha and cared for Phoebe.

lene - I've been looking up the Vermont acid rain and mercury level stories. Thanks for pointing them out. I found a great article: "Mercury in the Mountains." Are you the author? (I don't know your last name, but I'm guessing you are.)

jllove - Welcome to my blog! I've added yours to my Bloglines. I enjoy your photography and can learn from it. Cats can be powerful and wise - I'd love to have met your Sufi friend's teacher.

thor said...


i am sorry to hear about your friend and moved by the beauty and tenderness in the photos of your kitties. it reminds me of my first dog, who my blog name is in memory of. i had a beautiful black and white photo of him that i can't locate. he was a proud and playful dog - a noble silver and black german shepard.

thanks for conjuring the memories.


Pam in Tucson said...

Hi Thor - Thanks for your good thoughts. We'll both miss our good friend, Tim, and we send out our love to his family. I think I may have the photo of that black and silver shepherd. It's pretty beat up. When I find it, I'll get a copy made and send it to you.
love, Pam