Monday, February 13, 2006

More butterflies (and a moth) from TBG

Only time for a quick post today, so I thought I'd put up some more photos I took at the Butterfly Magic exhibit at the The Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Note from post of January 23: The exhibit contains about 50 different species. About 400 chrysalids are shipped from butterfly farms to the Botanical Gardens each week and are placed in a pupae chamber to mature. After they emerge from their casings as butterflies, they are transferred to the exhibit space, which is maintained at 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 85% humidity. In addition to tropical flowers, the butterflies are supplied with a variety of fruits to feed on. Butterflies come from Costa Rica, Suriname, Ecuador, Thailand, the Philippines and Florid

Luna Moth, Actius luna

Owl Butterfly, Caligo eurtlochus

Zebra Longwing, Heliconius charitonius

Chrysalids hanging in the window of the Emergent Room:


T. Beth said...

I love the soft green color of Luna Moths. I've only seen them in photographs though. I didn't know that TBG had them in their butterfly exhibit.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

These are such lovely, delicate looking creatures. Here in the thick of winter, we don't have anything so beautiful flying by. It's so nice to see them.

Cindy said...

Lunas are one of my favorites, but I love them all.. looks like you may be catching the 'moth bug'.. good! :)
great shots BTW.

Thor said...

The luna moth photo is beautiful. How large is the moth? I thought they were large but maybe that's just in Doctor Doolittle.

Pam in Tucson said...

This moth was quite large. I'd say at least 4.5 inches across. There were two of them in the exhibit, but only one was visible enough to photograph.