Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blogger problems

I haven't been able to upload photos for today's post. Is anyone else having this particular problem?

Tried last night and then again this morning. I hope Blogger gets its problems fixed soon. Firefly Forest posted the link to Blogger Status. They're not addressing the inability to upload photos in their status report, but hopefully this will be part of the fix with the filer they're repairing.


TDharma said...

I had been having a lot of problems with blogger, both uploading photos and comments. I had to switch to a new template to resolve.

I love your bird photos. Very lovely.

My good friends the Bums sent me here.

Pam in Tucson said...

taradharma - I'm happy you came. The Bums are amazing people. It's been an enormous pleasure to me to have met them on the Internet, and, through them, to be linked to so many warm and genuine people. I wrote to Blog Help when I was having problems. The response wasn't helpful, but gave me hope that if I was patient the uploading problems I was having would disappear. Occasionally, my comments have disappeared, also. But things seem to be better now.