Thursday, April 06, 2006

THIS IS THE BEST!! : Eagle's Nest Cam

Many of the readers of this blog read the Dharma Bums blog and thus you already know about the eagle's nest cam on Hornby Island. But I did want to share it with anyone who hasn't already found it.

I've already seen two exchanges today where one eagle has come in to take over so the other one can fly off. At each exchange, I could see the two eggs. I've also seen the eagle get up and rearrange the eggs and parts of the nest. A friend just emailed me that she watched one of the eagles fly in with a rodent, change places, and then, once it was settled on the nest, eat the rodent. Watching these magnificent birds has been the high point of my day. I keep the window minimized while I'm working; when I hear noises, I take a look.

There is a commercial you have to watch for a few seconds before viewing the cam, but it's worth it. After all, this company's supporting the effort. You can read a bit about how the cam was set up and what the expectations are (hatching around April 26, for example).

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Endment said...

Isn't it wonderful?
I can scarcely stay away.