Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Backyard Visitors - Inca Dove

For the past three days, two or sometimes three Inca doves have been coming into our patio. They are extremely shy and will fly off if they see us at the patio door. I was able to take some photos through a closed bedroom window, where I was pretty sure they wouldn't see me.

Inca Doves are only about 8 inches long. You can see how small this little dove is compared with the Mourning Dove beside it, which, at 12 inches, is still relatively small.
"The Inca Dove engages in an odd behavior, known as "pyramid roosting." Pairs or groups of Inca Doves may huddle together in the sunshine, with some sitting on the back of the others. The pyramid may be three layers high and include up to 12 birds."

-- from Inca Doves, Cool Facts, Cornell Ornithology Lab's "All About Birds"
I saw this behaviour last week. Three doves were playing and digging in the dirt in a driveway across the street, after which they huddled with one bird on top of the other two for about twenty minutes.


Jimmy said...

Cool! learned something new...great photos too!

LauraHinNJ said...

Interesting info about the Inca Dove. I've never seen one, but they look like young mourning doves. I'll have to read why they pile up like that!

Jean said...

Je ne me fatigue pas de regarder ces oiseaux !
Vous avez beaucoup de talent pour les photographier !

Rain said...

I love the sound of doves and they are mostly what I think of when I think of Tucson and early morning. Those are lovely ones and don't know that I have ever seen them when I am there.

robin andrea said...

Doves always look so sleek to me, like they could dive into pools of water and come up still looking the same. Wonderful photographs, and especially nice to see the size comparison.

Endment said...

The doves are lovely. You do such a great job of giving us information and perspective - thanks