Saturday, May 27, 2006

Feeding birds - invaluable information

Cindy Mead, the well-known naturalist photographer, has posted invaluable information and sources for people who maintain bird feeders on her blog, Woodsong. Thank you, Cindy!

For reference, Cindy lives in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, but most of the information in her post is applicable pretty much anywhere. I'll be adapting it a bit for suburban southern Arizona. For example, I feel lucky if I see one squirrel or snake in a month anywhere near our garden.

Top of my birthday wishlist was birdfeeders (my first!) and desert-loving plants to attract birds and butterflies. Since I've had them (less than a month now), I've seen new birds and butterflies and have watched some wonderful interactions between birds. I've posted glimpses of these on my blog and will probably do a series of posts later in the year, when I'm more comfortable with it all.


Endment said...

Cindy put together a wonderful post, didn't she?

Hope the birds flock to your feeders :) I find that more birds come to our water than to the feeders.
Happy birding

threecollie said...

We have always fed birds, but we too have never seen anything like the number we have now, since we put in a very simple water garden with a fountain. Probably not a practical concept in the desert, but we have been amazed at the birds that come, even though we never see them actually drink the water.