Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BC Road Trip - Jasper Afternoon - Animals and Birds

June 12 - Continuation of yesterday's post (Japser Afternoon - Scenery):

North of Jasper, we saw a wolf eating dandelions (see my earlier post for a closer look),

bighorn sheep,

a mother bear and her two cubs,

and a Harlequin duck asleep under a bridge.

As it was starting to get dark, we stopped by the lake at Jasper Park Lodge. Far in the distance in the fading light, I saw a bird I thought might be a Loon (my first and only Loon sighting). It wasn't until I cropped and sharpened the image that I saw the baby following.

I also saw a Red-necked Grebe that was a bit nearer.

I wasn't able to identify these birds until I processed the images on the computer. Taken at 300 mm. with the Canon 70-300mm IS zoom lens, f/5.6, ISO 800. Shutter speeds: Loon - 1/4000, Grebe - 1/1000.

For comparison, here's the original photo of the Loon:


lené said...

Pam, I bird the same way. :) Take photos, blow them up, and try to figure out what was swimming or flying. So glad you got to see a loon. :) I can't believe the amount of wildlife that you've seen on your trip, and the dandelioin eating wolves still crack me up.

robin andrea said...

I am amazed by the wildlife you saw on this adventure. Just to know that these animals are walking, eating, living on the planet makes me so happy.

If it weren't for the telephoto lens on our digital camera, we wouldn't "see" most of the critters we photograph.

I bet it feels great to be home.

Mary said...

Oh a bear with cubs how lovely. We saw bears but no cubs.
I'm glad you saw a Loon...we do not have them here in England. When we were at Fawn Lake (Near 100 Mile House)we saw and heard a pair of loons and I instantly fell in love with them.We spent a whole day be the lake just watching them.

Daniel said...

This must have been a very nice trip - I kind of know what I desire for the next summer. Welcome back to Tucson, Pam.