Friday, July 21, 2006

Earth: World Urban Festival - Vancouver, BC

June 24, 2006 – Vancouver, BC.

Earth: World Urban Festival, a UNESCO-designated official arts and culture, was held from June 21 to June 25, 2006 in Vancouver in conjunction with the United Nations’ World Urban Forum, where delegates met to discuss the future of the world’s cities and urban environments. The festival was held at the Great Northern Way Campus, a collaborative initiative of four academic institutions (British Columbia Institute of Technology, Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia).

The Coyote Project:

Baskets for sale:

Children’s workshop:

A garden bench being constructed of mud and straw, with a sod shade:

Artist’s statement for Arboretum, by Haruko Okano.

Voile tubes with pine needles from Arboretum by Haruko Okano:

A second sculpture of Okano’s constructed of leaves and kelp:

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Ontario Wanderer said...

I really like the sculptures. Food for thought!