Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Red-tailed Hawks Are Back

K. woke me this morning to tell me that there were three Red-tailed Hawks in the eucalyptus tree across the road: one adult and two juveniles. They seemed to be cuddling together on a branch. By the time I got the camera, one juvenile had flown and the adult and other juvenile had moved. I caught one of the juveniles taking off:and then managed to get a photo of the adult flying off to hunt.Throughout the morning, we could see them high in the sky, circling and diving.


LauraHinNJ said...

Wow - look at those feet!

chiefbiscuit said...

HAwks are quite plentiful in th ecountry areas in NZ and often seen on the road eating road kill, lazily lifting off as the cars approach.

Endment said...

What wonderful photos !!!!

robin andrea said...

Nice to see that juvenile. Really wonderful photos, Pam.

Mary said...

Wonderful photos.

Pam in Tucson said...

laurahinnj - Yes! I took a photo a while back of a red-tailed hawk carrying its prey. Powerful talons.

chiefbiscuit - Our scavengers are turkey vultures. The Cooper's Hawks capture their prey on the wing (and squeeze them to death). The Red-tailed Hawks will dive for their prey; good reason to keep pet cats and rabbits indoors.

endment - So happy to see you on line again. Try to stay cool and comfortable in that crazy northeast heat wave.

ra - It was a lucky shot. They were moving so fast that I didn't realize I'd caught the juvenile until I put the photos on the computer. Ain't digital photography a blast?

mary - Thanks so much. Hope the UK is cooling off. Glad the dogs can go for their daily swims.