Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter Memories in Ridgefield - 1

It's warm and sunny today in Tucson. The 1 p.m. temperature is 64 degrees F. My friend is packing to go home to Ridgefield, Connecticut for the holidays and I remember the wonderful winter we spent there in 1960. I scanned some slides from that time. How I miss the view from our apartment window and the walks through the snow.

Early Morning - from the apartment window
Mid-day outside the apartment
Winter walk


Peacechick Mary said...

Beautiful photos, but brrrrr. I don't think I could tolerate it anymore.

GreenmanTim said...

Lovely land, there on the spine of western New England. Know it well.

Pam in Tucson said...

pc mary - I'm not good with cold, either. My blood's thinned out after 45 years in AZ, but I still miss the countryside and the pristine white and quiet after a fresh snowfall.

greenmantim - It is lovely land. However, I hear that much of the old estate where we lived has been turned into condo developments. It's a shame that the woods and old walls have been destroyed, although I can't blame people for wanting to live in that area. I was intrigued and delighted with your recounting of Sarah Bishop's story. Wish I'd known about her when we lived there.

Jean said...

J'aime beaucoup ces photos de neige .
Dans la région de Toulouse , où j'habite , la neige est rare et rappelle les souvenirs d'enfance avec les bonhommes de neige !