Saturday, February 17, 2007

Don't Forget the Good Planets Carnival!

Wanderin' Weeta has done a wonderful editing job with the Good Planets Are Hard to Find carnival this month. She has designated each week with a theme: Water (February 3), Earth (February 10), Air (February 17), Fire (February 24 - still to come). It's not too late to add your contribution to the Fire issue. Anyone is welcome to submit images. Send your photos (suitably sized for the Internet) illustrating fire on our beautiful planet to susannah at dccnet dot com.

From its inception at The Dharma Bums last August, Good Planets has been a weekly carnival. This is going to change. Robin Andrea, who with Roger, conceived and launched this wonderful carnival celebrating the glory of our planet says:
We're going to tweak Good Planets a bit, and think maybe in March and thereafter, it should be twice a month on the second and fourth Saturdays. The March host will be amazing and wondrous Bev of Burning Silo. Would anyone out there like to grab April?
The Good Planets archive is has been updated on the Good Planets Flickr site. The photos are grouped by publication date. It's a great experience to go back and look at past issues. Several of the photos have been picked as favourites by people browsing through Flickr.

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