Monday, March 31, 2008

2007-03-18 - at Badwater

Salt Flats at Badwater, Death Valley, California
I've just started to edit my photos from our trip to Death Valley with my English cousins a year ago. On our first day, we stopped at Badwater.
Badwater, a basin in California's Death Valley, has an elevation of 282 feet (86 m) below sea level. It is the lowest point in North America. The site itself consists of a small spring-fed pool of water next to the road; however, the accumulated salts of the surrounding basin make it undrinkable, thus the name "Badwater". [Wickipedia]

Although the Wikipedia web site says there is animal and plant life there (pickleweed, aquatic insects and the Badwater Snail), I saw only one living non-human creature: this juvenile White-Crowned sparrow.Badwater certainly didn't seem to me to be a very hospitable place for this bird. I can only imagine that it was seeking the aquatic insects.

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