Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2007 - On the Way to Joshua Tree NP

2007-03-22. This is a continuation of our Death Valley-Joshua Tree National Parks trip of March 2007. We looked for a place to stay near the north end of the park. We picked the Harmony Motel. How could we resist? This is the "roadside refuge founded in 1952 [that] offers a simple rustic elegance and a great deal of history (including the rock band U2's stay here as they worked on the Joshua Tree album.) ... Additionally, the Harmony has hosted Hollywood -- films such as Crazy Beautiful and Route 666 were shot here."
The motel is at the top of a hill near Twenty Nine Palms, California. Crepuscular rays from the sun illuminated the valley beyond.My cousins had a room in the main part of the motel. Our separate little cabin, complete with living-room, dining area and full kitchen, was down the hill. One morning, I found this lovely desert tortoise butted up against our corrugated iron fence. I moved him out into the desert on the other side of the fence, into the shade of a creosote bush. Later, he ambled on.

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chiefbiscuit said...

There is something about the desert that I find very appealing - and your photos and words fit the bill perfectly.
I love that wee tortoise - and the horned owl and owlet from your prev. post too are such a delight to see. Three of my fav. things - the desert, an owl and a tortoise. Thank you Pam!