Sunday, April 06, 2008

Death Valley - Ashford Mill Ruins

2007-03-18.  We drove into Death Valley on CA Rte 178 from Shoshone through the Salisbury and Jubilee Passes. We turned north, heading into the seemingly barren landscape.
First stop was Ashford Mill Ruins.
In 1910, Harold Ashford began work in the former claims of the Keys Gold Mining Company. In the mountains to the east Ashford and his brother worked the mine for four years without striking results. They leased the mine to B.W McClausland and his son Ross which led to the construction of a 180 ft. tunnel into the side of the mountain. The mill was built 5 miles southwest and 3,500 ft. below the mine. It employed 28 men and $100,000 worth of gold was extracted but mine expenses exceeded the profit of gold and the mine was shut down. [Mojave Desert Photo Tours web site]

There's a wonderful photo of the mill, taken in 1934, on the Calisphere (University of California) web site.

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