Thursday, April 10, 2008

Death Valley Trip - Father Crowley Point

2008-03-19. On the way back from Wildrose Canyon Kilns, we turned west onto a winding road to go to Father Crowley's Point. The site affords excellent views of the Panamint Valley and Panamint Mountains. The Panamint Dunes are also visible from the point.Colourful Rainbow Canyon runs along the western edge of the point.The point is named for Fr. John J. Crowley (1891-1940), a Catholic priest who served in the desert area in the 1920s and '30s. According to William E. Webster, "Fr. Crowley has been cited in the book, Water and Power, by William L. Kahrl, as one of the most influential advocates of tourism in an area desperately in need of economic development during the Depression years." Webster wrote a fascinating article, "Tales of The Desert Padre" about the colourful and enterprising Father Crowley in Catholic Online. It's well worth reading. For more information on Father Crowley, go to the web site "The Desert Padre." Here you'll find some of his writing and photos of some of the movie stars he befriended when they filmed in Lone Pine. 

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