Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dove takes over planter

At my friend R's house in southeast Tucson.
This Mourning Dove took over the planter that's hanging from the eaves of her back porch and is sitting on a pretty pale pink egg (which I didn't see). There was a birthday party for a two-year old going on all around her while I was there, but she didn't budge.
Image of the Day on Tortoise Trail Images: Cactus Pad Skeleton

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Patricia Oblack said...

My Dove is not moving either. It has been cold & rainy, with wind, but she never seems to leave the nest. No matter how many times I go in & out the door, she stays put. So, for what its worth, every time I go out the door, I talk to her. What a little trouper!
Pink eggs. huh? How cute.
Thanks for the photos.