Sunday, June 08, 2008

Coyote in the yard

This afternoon, I looked out and saw a coyote sunbathing outside the play yard. It's quite a handsome one - not like the scrawny ones I've seen on my morning walks. It must be getting some good meals down in our valley. 

I took this fuzzy photo through the window.

Later, when I went outside, it loped off. 


robin andrea said...

They are such interesting creatures. I always love to see them, but I know that it is a danger to them to have learned how to live so close to humans. Such a beautiful sight, though, that loping lanky wild thing.

Rain said...

I don't mind seeing them in the Tucson house which is good as they have no fear down there and I watch them run through the neighborhood as well as come to the backyard and mark it-- now that I didn't much like and always the same spot. Up here, we can't be so tolerant as we raise sheep. Even here though if I can dissaude them from coming around, I prefer that to killing as they are only doing what they must to survive.

Nice photos