Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Great Southern Utah Road Trip - August 26 - Part XVI - Route 9 through Zion National Park

It was time to head back to St. George. Despite warnings on the National Parks web site, there were no indications of road construction, so Holly decided to take the direct way back on Route 9 through Springdale. I didn't realize that we would be driving through the lower end of Zion National Park until we came to the entrance. We showed our lifetime Senior Passes and went right in. It was spectacular!

We saw some young Bighorn Sheep by the side of the road, but couldn't stop for photos. 

Continuing on ...  more spectacular scenery.

We went through some long tunnels carved into the towering canyon walls.

Here's Holly photographing one of the arched windows of a very long tunnel we passed through.

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