Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day 3's "homework"

Bedtime reading last night was the Magic Lantern Guide to the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. This afternoon I went out and shot photos, just playing with the Aperture Priority AE Mode (change the aperture and the camera changes the shutter speed). I also looked at shadows and light. Once again, about 90% miserable shots, but I learned a lot. Here are five of the more successful ones.

Light through leaves. Rhus Lancia is really hard to photograph. It's so beautiful, but it's difficult to isolate a branch to show off its feathery structure. And it catches every little breeze.

A feathery little plant. I like the light on it.

Shadows ...

Daughter of the Sabino Canyon Barrel Cactus in bloom ... About 35 years ago, a friend and I found a barrel cactus in the middle of Sabino Canyon Road. We think it must have fallen off a truck. We sacrificed a baby blanket to wrap it and haul it home in her station wagon. I planted it in my front yard. It flourished and grew and had beautiful blooms. About 5 years ago, it produced a child and then died. The child continues the tradition.

My next-door-neighbor's oleander.

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Audrey Levine said...


Your pictures are wonderful! I've really enjoyed seeing what you are learning and producing in your class. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to seeing more.