Monday, January 02, 2006

Check out these beautiful web sites

Happy New Year!

I'm hooked on two wonderful web sites. I found "Firefly Forest" when I was looking up the spelling of the Latin name for Wild Cotton (Gossypium Thurberi) to put on one of my cards.

Google pointed me to the web site "Wildflowers of Tucson." I was intrigued and followed the path back to Firefly Forest. You must check this web site out. In addition to a scientific, comprehensive and beautifully photographed collection of wild flowers in the aforementioned site, t. beth lists three other sites: some cool stuff for Mac web builders, a beautiful ice labyrinth, and the Firefly Forest Blog (to which I've become completely addicted). I've been in touch with Beth by email and she's been most generous in sharing with me her knowledge about digital photographic equipment.

It was through Firefly Forest that I came across cindy. Her web site, Woodsong Nature Photography, is amazing. Be sure to link to her WebBlog - it's magical. Cindy lives a rare and fabulous life. I've added Woodsong Nature Photography and Firefly Forest to my links list.

So as the New Year gets underway, I raise a glass to two remarkable women: Beth and Cindy, and to all the other environmentalists and nature photographers who are so willing to share their work and their passions with us. Thank you for enriching our lives.

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Cindy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog.. you're an amazing woman :)