Friday, December 23, 2005

Card sales and our 2005 Christmas Card

My card sales are under way and I'm doing quite well just by showing cards to people. I hope to have a web site by the end of January so I can sell through the web. My business license came through: Pam Shack - Photographer. A bit presumptuous a name and not very original, but it will do for the present.

My Christmas card has been very well received. I even got a request for a framable, signed copy which I printed as an 8 x 10! I've done it in several formats: note card, half-fold matte card, and 4-3/4" x 7" glossy. I like the half-fold matte the best. The photo was taken from our front yard in January 2005, early in the morning after a snowfall on the mountains. This sight is rare in Tucson. I've cropped the photo to eliminate rooftops.

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