Monday, May 08, 2006

Feed me!

I've been wondering what's been happening with the Thrasher family, since I hadn't seen any activity in the nest on the levee for several days. Yesterday morning, I heard some commotion by the back gate of the old play yard.

Thrasher fledgling sitting on a cinder block.

An adult Thrasher getting a seed from the seed block.
The little one's patience pays off.

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Thrasher babies - feeding time


Jimmy said...

These are great...Your so lucky to see this...I have always wanted to see one of these birds...someday!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Really great storytelling photos. I would say that your patience paid off too. That photo of the little one being fed is really sweet.

Mary said...

Yes, what patience you have too to get these photos! Beautiful.

Thank you too so much for your kind words on my blog. They have helped me clarify some ideas of what I want to do after a break to take things forward ...

Rain said...

Great pictures. You make me feel I am there. I love seed blocks and watching the birds at them is one of my joys when in Tucson. With ours sometimes the javelina come in also to partake and they will knock it off its dish and send it rolling. Some seed blocks draw them more than others.

Pam in Tucson said...

jimmy - I hadn't realize that these thrashers only inhabit the south. I guess it's the Brown Thrasher that you have in Michigan? Do you have other thrashers, too?

rd - I had fun with this one. I was fascinated with how the little one just sat so still on the cinder block, waiting patiently for its parent to return each time.

mary - Thank you! I hope your respite from blogging is refreshing and rewarding. I look forward with eagerness to whatever you bring to us when you return.

rain - We took the advice of our local birding experts and put the seed block up on the wall. We don't have javelinas in our area (wish we did), but we do have other critters. We haven't attracted a roadrunner to the block yet - we may have to put another block nearer to where they pass by our backyard to get them interested. Birdfeeding is very new to us - started on my latest birthday.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

How fun. I love to see the little ones. :-)

endment said...

I love finding the next page of the story when I visit your blog.

Pam in Tucson said...

endment - I saw one little one chasing after its parent this morning, but couldn't follow. Don't know if I'll see them again, but you never know.

cynthia - We love the little ones, too. We usually have large families of quail at this time of year, but I've only seen one family with 10 tiny little ones and that very briefly as they ran up the levee one morning.

chiefbiscuit said...

Your little family's just about all growed up - and it didn't take long at all did it?

Home Bird said...

Nice series of photos in this post, and nice series of posts about the thrashers. Yes, the curve-billed thrasher is pretty local to the southwest. The brown thrasher is the only thrasher east of Texas. I used to have a family of the browns nest on my property when I lived in Maryland and got to see the little ones like you have with your curve-bills. What a treat! And how nice for me to enjoy thrasher fledglings again via your great photography. Thanks!