Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Crane Fly on the window

Our hotel room is on the 22nd floor of this tower.

This is the view looking northwest from our hotel room.

This is the view looking down.

This afternoon this little insect was poised at the top of the window of our hotel room - at least 200 feet above ground level.

Jimmy identified this insect as a Crane Fly (Tipula paludosa). They are not considered much of a problem in the adult stage. However, they will lay eggs which develop into leatherjacket larva. In large numbers the leatherjacket larva can kill large areas of grass by eating the roots and also the roots of coniferous seedlings. In many parts of Canada it is against the law to use pesticides to control this pest. The larva develop into Crane flies in the late summer and are quite noticeable because of their size.

Many thanks, Jimmy!


Jimmy said...

Crane fly..or another name for it...mosquito hawk.

Endment said...

I am glad jimmy knows the name of your insect...
Hope all is going well and you are finding rest and renewal!

LauraHinNJ said...

I thought it was a crane fly, but Blogger wouldn't let me comment last night.