Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Early submissions this week for Good Planets!

This week I'd appreciate receiving your Good Planets submissions as early as possible. The deadline is Friday, 24 November, 9 pm MST for a planned publication on Saturday. However, in the United States, Thursday is a holiday - Thanksgiving Day - and I'll be busy cooking for and celebrating with family and friends. So please send in your photos as soon as you can to give me plenty of time to format them and plan the post. Thanks very much!

Note: This "carnival" celebrates the beauty and wonders of our planet.
Anyone is welcome to submit one or two photos each week to Good Planets. For the next issue, send your photos to tortoisetrail AT gmail-dot-com. December's editor is Diva Jood, jkblue AT cox-dot-net.

For more information about Good Planets, see "Introducing Good Planets."


robin andrea said...

Thanks for the heads up, Pam. I'll send something soon!

Sonia said...

Dear Pam, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Cindy said...

glad I dropped by- just sent a photo and will put up a blurb under my 'carnival' link.. I'm liking this one more than others as it's always fresh and unique..

and happy turkey day to you and yours :)

Voinapics said...


I sent you a couple of pics. Let me know if you did notge them


Steve V