Saturday, November 18, 2006

Woodsong Nature Photography

I'm not planning to use this blog for commercial purposes. However, this is one I can't resist. I suspect that most readers know Cindy Mead's fabulous photography on her web site, Woodsong Nature Photography and her blog, Woodsong - Off the Beaten Path. Now, in conjunction with a show she's preparing for, Cindy's selling her wonderful images in a wide variety of formats from mugs, apparel, stamps and calendars to cards and art prints. If you're looking for holiday gifts, check out her online Woodsong Photography Gift Store. You won't be disappointed.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I'm at a loss for words.. you know how I feel about self promotion- and I had to swallow my pride to do this, but I have no choice-I've applied for grants, but do not qualify..and I'm so deep in debt and have YET to get my eyesight back.. so *gulp* this bullheaded Cherokee has little choice.
Thank you my friend.. you have been more help to me than words can say with your continuing support and caring ways.