Saturday, November 18, 2006

Good Planets - 11/18/2006

Welcome again to Good Planets. Friends have sent in wonderful photos this week to once again show us the riches of our planet. (Click on each photo to see an enlargement.)

Rowan of Circle of the Year sent us a courtyard in the town of Lucca in Tuscany on a wet afternoon. Rowan lives in the Peak District in England. She also sent a photo of trees on the skyline on a late afternoon in November as the sun is starting to go down. Canadian blogger Susannah of Wanderin' Weeta sent a slug making its way up a shaggy mane mushroomand also shows us their habitat: Watershed Park, Delta, BC
Yankee T. of Yankee, Transferred once again gave us warm autumn colours: "Morning light streaming through the Crape Myrtle in my front yard, taken from my porch"and "the leaves that were on the maple in last week's photo, now all on the ground."
Mary of Forest Walks, another blogging friend from England, sent photos from the New Forest taken this autumn. "The first was taken this week and shows the autumn colours that have finally arrived."
Mary's second photo shows "the fly agaric fungi. I just love finding all the many different types of fungi." KerrdeLune of Beyond the Fields We Know is from eastern Canada. She took this photo this week "during a rainy morning ramble, nothing remarkable or unusual, but the vibrant arrangement of colour and raindrops was a happy thing on a very grey day."From Brazil, Sonia of Leaves of Grass sent a view near the road she runs to reach her house in Paranapanema State, São Paulo. Daniel of - "taken this year's early summer when water became rare in Sabino canyon."
Dawn's Great Blue Heron.Robin Andrea's Cooper's Hawk. "This juvenile was in our yard yesterday. He flew from perch to perch looking for something yummy to eat. Unfortunately, for him, he left with his talons empty."Robin Andrea of Dharma Bums, co-founder of Good Planets - "I was watching this Douglas Squirrel trying so hard to get up on to the bird feeder. She climbed up the post, and threw her body out past the baffle. It's a good attempt, but the baffle is there to prevent the squirrel from getting to the bird food feeder. I really felt bad for her, so, I went out and scattered just a bit of bird feed on the ground. The squirrel looked at the scattered seed and looked up at me. Then she did a very funny wide-eyed double take looking straight at me. I thought it was the precise moment that she realized that I was in fact putting food out for her. Her eyes were so wide in amazement and recognition. I loved it! I went into the house, and she ran over to the food, and I snapped this picture. "Kathryn says: " I grew up in Syracuse, New York, where my parents still live. They are avid and gifted gardeners. They turned their small back yard into a haven of peace in the middle of suburbia. When I visited them last year, I documented some of the beauty I found. This is one of my favorites."Gary - The bloom of a bromeliad, taken in his yard, Island of Kauai, Hawaii,and also from Gary, a water hyacinth in his pond.Mike of 10000 Birds sent a photo of "a place I feel a great affection for - Joshua Tree National Park in California. I've never seen a landscape quite like this one."Paul shows us the glory of Havasu Falls.Dawn presents mighty waves at Damen Point, Ocean Shores, Washington.
Phil of Perils of Caffeine in the Evening sent three photos from a kayak trip to Baja.
Sunrise on Isla San Carmen."Starfish on seabed photographed while snorkeling off Isla San Carmen"
"Shells on beach, Isla San Carmen. The picture was taken at sunset, and the light gave the beach a roseate glow."
I leave you with the grand finale - Cindy of Woodsong's glorious "Flaming Sky." Cindy says: "This is our lake and I caught the most brilliant sunset I've ever seen on this evening."

Good Planets is open to anyone who'd like to share the beauty of their own world with us. Heartfelt thanks to the photographers who contributed to this issue. I'll be hosting Good Planets for one more week. Please send your photos to tortoisetrail AT gmail-dot-com by 9 pm MST, Friday, November 24 for the next issue. December's host will be Divajood of Journeys with Jood.


Voinapics said...

Nice collection of pics Pam. Loved the flying Heron and little red squirrel. Alas we hadly have any of these here in the UK as we have been taken over by the Grey Squirrel.
The scenic pics look so inviting, I would love to see a real waterfall.
Steve V

robin andrea said...

I am so thrilled with this collection of photos. That sunset on the lake is breathtaking. The close-ups and the vistas are all beautiful. What a fine look at our good planet. Thanks, Pam!

Rowan said...

What a fabulous collection of photos this week, the sunset, the starfish, the blue heron - it's hard to choose a favourite.

Pam in Tucson said...

I was most interested in the Havasu Falls photo. We camped for a week in Havasu Canyon about 30 years ago. Havasu Falls was world-famous for its beauty. It had quite a different configuration - much wider. In 1990, and later in '92 and '93, news came that severe floods caused by thunderstorms had drastically altered the travertine deposits and thus the shape of the three major waterfalls. This beautiful photo clearly shows me how much Havasu Falls has changed - still magnificent, but quite different.

I_Wonder said...

Pam, the Havasu photo was taken in September 2003. Here are more photos if you're interested: Havasu

TDharma said...

beautiful, beautiful! Once again I am in awe of this planet and the folks on it who can capture a moment so very well. I've not been carrying my camera with me lately, and I've seen some brilliant scenes...I always think, "oh, this would be great for Good Planets!" Sigh.

Sonia said...

Beautiful thread of images, Pam!
Thank you so much, I love to see my photo at "Good Planets"!
Have a nice weekend!

Kerri said...

Absolutely wonderful photos Pam! The colors in that sunset are truly spectacula. I love the squirrel story :)
Oh yes, we live in a beautiful world!

Peacechick Mary said...

What a grand collection! I now have Cindy's flaming sunset as my desktop background - stunning. Thank you so much for hosting this for us.

Anonymous said...

I love Good Planets!!

I love all the pictures and jealous of the warm flowers in Hawaii! sigh....

thank you Pam!


Mary said...

What a wonderful collection of photos. despite Global warming and pollution we still live in a very beautiful world.

bev said...

Wonderful photos everyone! And thank-you Pam for hosting another edition of Good Planets.

lené said...

Another amazing collection! Thanks, Pam, for bringing us the beauties of the world.