Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Winner! IATB #43: IATB at the Movies!

Make sure you don't miss I and the bird #43: IATB at the Movies! You're in for a treat as you once again read great birding stories and see fantastic pictures. All associated with movies - some classic, some offbeat. This issue of IATB is definitely Golden Globes calibre.

Your Master of Ceremonies is tai haku, who presents his own work in his exciting blog Earth, Wind and Water. This blog presents beautiful photos of birds, animals and plants. And it features some of the most amazing underwater photography I've ever seen. Make time for a double feature - IATB at the Movies and then more short subjects at Earth, Wind and Water: Musings on life on earth, in the air and under the water direct from an amateur naturalist and photographer on an island somwhere in the Caribbean.


chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks for the link to Earth Wind and Water - marvellous stuff. Oh I wish I had more time to blog specifically on birds ... but i just have to make do with my visits here - and that's pretty special, so I mustn't complain!

Nancy said...

Found you over at the IATB at the Movies. I got in too, and have found lots of new links through this!
I added you to my blogroll ... love to hear about birds in the Western part of the country!

Nancy said...

Come visit my site at

Clare said...

Where have you gone Pam??