Friday, February 22, 2008

Great Egret - 2007

We have a small pond in Ft. Lowell Park, one of our city parks.  

I photographed this bird there last spring. I believe it's a Great Egret

CORRECTION: I originally posted this as "Snowy Egret," which is what a friend told me it was. However, the Cornell's All About Birds indicates that the Snowy Egret has a black beak and yellow feet, whereas the Great Egret has a yellow beak and black legs and feet. Since there is already a reference to this post on another blog, I thought I should put in this correction. 


wayne said...
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tai haku said...

Wow - welcome back; beautiful detail on the snowy - I find white herons really difficult to capture cleanly without burning out all that wonderful feather detail


Pam in Tucson said...

Hi tai - Thanks for checking. I would have thought that most of my regular readers would have given up on me. Nice to know they haven't.