Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Joshua Tree NP - A Little Bit of Wildlife

There's a large variety of birds, reptiles and mammals reputed to live in Joshua Tree NP. However, I couldn't get close enough to any of the birds to get any decent photographs, I saw very few mammals, and - surprisingly - very few reptiles in our visits. In addition to the Desert Tortoise I found in the patio of our cabin, I did spot a couple of Desert Cottontails in two different locations,
a Rock Squirrel at the picnic ground at Hidden Valley, moving too fast to focus on,and the habitat of some desert rodents (possibly Kangaroo Rats or Pocket Mice) in Indian Cove.
A hummingbird, high on a thorny branch showed just a bit of gorget,and this sweet bird was posing handsomely on a Joshua Tree, but I couldn't get close enough to see what it was.

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