Friday, September 11, 2015

The Great Southern Utah Road Trip - August 25 - Part XIV - Kodachrome State Park

At Cannonville, we decided we had time to take one more side road off Scenic Byway 12. After a brief stop at the Grand Staircase-Escalante Visitor Center, we headed south to Kodachrome Basin State Park.
Kodachrome Basin was named during the late 1940s by a National Geographic Society Expedition in honor of the then revolutionary Kodak film that was celebrated for its color accuracy. The park [contains] unusual geological forms, including a series of upright cylindrical chimneys called sand pipes. More than 60 sand pipes ranging in height from 6 to 170 feet have been identified in the park. A Route Guide to Scenic Byway 12
Geologists believe Kodachrome Basin once resembled areas of Yellowstone National Park, and that the sand pipes are remnants of ancient geysers and hot springs which filled with sediment and then solidified. Over time, the encompassing Entrada sandstone, formed during the Jurassic era, eroded away to leave behind the unique, multi-hued rock formations standing today.  Kanab Magically Unspoiled - Kodachrome Basin
We drove through the park on the paved road section, stopping from time to time to take photos.

And then on to Kanab.

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