Friday, September 11, 2015

The Great Southern Utah Road Trip - August 25 - Part XIII - Back on Route 12

Back on Scenic Byway 12, we headed for Kanab, where we had decided to spend the night. On the way, I took photos as we drove.

Between Boulder and Escalante, we stopped at the Boynton Overlook.
Boynton Overlook gives visitors a bird's-eye view of the riparian area along the twisting Escalante River. Flowing water and native vegetation offer ideal habitat for small birds and animals, including river otters which were reintroduced here in 2005.  The overlook was names for John Boynton, a cattleman caught in a lawless confrontation involving a disagreement over livestock and a murder in 1878.  A Route Guide to Scenic Highway 12

Between Escalante and Henrieville, the scenery changed dramatically. We pulled out at The Blues/Powell Point Overlook.
The Blues Overlook sits across from the delicate pink limestone ledges of Powell Point, which rises to an elevation of 10,188 feet, and above "The Blues," a badland of gray-green shales deposited some 80 million years ago when the area was covered by an inland ocean. Powell Point was named after John Wesley Powell, who led expeditions in the late 1800s to map this region which at that time was one of the last "blank spots on the map" of the continental U.S. Hidden within the slopes of "The Blues" is one of the best and most continuous records of Late Cretaceous life on the planet.  A Route Guide to Scenic Byway 1

As we continued west toward Henrieville, Powell's Point showed us its magnificence.

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