Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Great Southern Utah Road Trip - August 24 - Part VIII - Boulder Mountain Lodge

The road into Boulder proved to be as beautiful as other scenery we'd driven through all day.

 We found the signs for the Boulder Mountain Lodge and Hell's Backbone Grill just past the turnoff for the Burr Trail. We checked in at the reception building of the lodge and were warmly welcomed. 

The lodge consists of a cluster of rustic buildings situated on well-kept grounds. It was quite lovely and very quiet and peaceful. 

Our building was one of the smaller ones.

We had a well-appointed spacious room upstairs with a deck

overlooking the 11-acre bird sanctuary.

Apparently this wasn't the best time of year for bird-watching. I spotted only coots

and a sassy blackbird.

But this was somewhat compensated for by the resident cats.

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