Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Great Southern Utah Road Trip - August 24 and 25 - Part IX - HELL'S BACKBONE GRILL!!


Just a few steps from our room at the Boulder Mountain Lodge.

Farm to table and local food  ... 

We were very pleased to meet Blake Spalding, daughter of my Tucson friend Dolly Spalding,  and co-owner and chef of HBG. She is a lovely person. Read about Blake, Jennifer, the restaurant and the community in Blake and Jennifer's first book, With a Measure of Grace, and try out some of their recipes. (A second book, This Immeasurable Place, is available for pre-order.)

For my gastronome friends:
My dinner - Fresh trout with blue corn meal crust over a wonderful grain pilaf and a fabulous selection of fresh vegetables cooked better than I've ever had before (wish I knew how they were cooked); an excellent Merlot;  a fresh peach cobbler with Navajo cornmeal topping (shared with Holly) ; and coffee.   Holly's entree was the highly recommended Dinner Jenchiladas (farmy pumpkin-pinon baked in a spicy sweet corn habanero cream sauce, organic vegetables and pueblo rice pilaf), which she said were absolutely delicious. (Note to Blake and Jen: we hope the recipe will be in your next book.)
Breakfast - Mine: The Backbone Breakfast - local farm poached eggs with smashed sage potato pancakes, molasses toast, cinnamon butter and homemade crabapple jam, with a side of elk sausage (best sausage I've ever had). Holly's: bushel of blue corn pancakes served with pure organic maple syrup and cinnamon butter, also with a side of elk sausage. Coffee for both of us served in Hell's Backbone handthrown pottery mugs.

Below is my Hell's Backbone Grill mug - a lovely gift from Holly.

We became enamored of the HBG mascot, Jezebel (who, I found out recently, has a Facebook page: Unofficial: Jezebel
We had originally hoped to return to HBG for lunch on Tuesday after exploring the Burr Trail  (I had my selections all planned, including a jenchilada and the chocolate chile cream pot), but time wouldn't allow it. Needless to say, we thought our visit was a great success and well worth the long trip.

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