Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Great Southern Utah Road Trip - August 25 - Part X - Leaving Boulder

Boulder, Utah, elevation 6700 feet,  has a population of 200. The town did not get electric power until 1947.The first year-round road was built in 1939.
 Boulder Town was long known as the "last frontier in Utah," ... the settlement was so isolated that, until 1935, mail was delivered by horseback rider and fresh milk was delivered by mules to the nearby town of Escalante. That milk often turned into butter on the rough routes over slickrock. First settled in 1894, the town was named for the volcanic boulders scattered across the slopes of nearby Boulder Mountain. -- A Route Guide to Scenic Byway 12
Holly decided to get gas before we embarked on our return trip along Scenic Byway 12. We were told there were two gas stations in the vicinity, one just east in Boulder and one in Escalante, about 28 miles west. We decided to go to Boulder. Heading northeast on Rte 12, we passed a farm and a country store with a slightly tipped gas pump. Further out, we found ourselves in open country, and realized that the store we had passed had THE gas pump.

While Holly went inside the store, I walked across the street to photograph a barn, a beautifully made fence and an irrigation ditch.

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