Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Great Southern Utah Road Trip - August 25 - Part XII - Singing Canyon off the Burr Trail

Our server at breakfast time at the Hell's Backbone Grill suggested we stop at a slot canyon (called Singing Canyon by the local people) about 11 miles in. On our return up the Burr Trail, Holly did the math and we spotted a cut in the cliff and a turnout on the road just where she calculated it would be. Easily accessible from the road, this gem of a canyon is only about 100 feet deep. At the far end is a small perennial pool of water. We ran into three men as we turned around to leave, one of whom insisted on taking the photo of me in the canyon. He lives in the area and told us that this canyon is technically a narrows (flat bottom, unlike the 'V' bottom of a true slot canyon). As we walked out, one of the men started to play a wooden flute. It echoed wonderfully off the canyon walls.


Saw this lovely plant as we came out. Indian Paintbrush?

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