Sunday, November 27, 2005

Chilis and roses

I've decided to keep going with this blog. It will help with disciplining myself.

A couple of days ago I bought a miniature yellow rose bush and an ornamental chili plant at Sunflower Market. I tried photographing them that day. I put black cardboard behind them. I put the camera on my tripod and used a cable release to take the photos. All photos were taken in Aperture mode and I played with f/nos to vary the depth of field.

Most of the photos looked quite washed out. But with a little adjustment in PaintShop Pro, I got some really vivid photos. I played with brightness and contrast to see what I could do in PSP.

Two of the rose pictures have already become popular. There's a nice contrast between the sharpness of the first one and the softness of the second. People seem to want them for birthday or sympathy cards.

I'll have to get more chilis. I didn't get a really good composition on any of my shots. Here's one of them.

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